Top 9 Social Media Trends for 2015


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2014 was definitely a great year for digital marketing.

Looking back the year’s top social media highlights, we recall some outstanding milestones such as the #IceBucketChallenge, Ellen’s Oscar selfie, the #BringBackOurGirlscampaign, or the #Bendgate phenomenon.

It was an impressive year for social networks too:

  • Instagram reached 300 million active users
  • Every second, 2 people became LinkedIn members
  • Facebook reached 1 billion active mobile users a month
  • An average of 500 million tweets were sent per day
  • 53% of Google Plus users interacted with a brand in a positive way

After a brief look at what last year meant for the digital sphere, to get a grip on what the near future may look like, we’ll now be shifting our attention to 2015’s top social media trends that are most likely to make an impact on brands’ digital marketing strategies. Let’s have a look!

1. Higher emphasis on online customer service

Social, a space in which more and more consumers are active, offers platforms for more direct and one-to-one customer service, facilitating a more human experience.

In 2015, brands will become expert at turning social media into an advantage. In an increasingly automated and non-personal brand-consumer ecosystem, brands will rely on social media to enrich, differentiate and improve brand reputation.


Responding to customer enquiries online, in a timely, responsible and intelligent manner, will prove to be a great opportunity to stand out through great customer service.

2. Niche networks’ development

Following the success of big industry players (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in the last couple of years, 2015 will be the year of smaller, niche social media platforms, that allow users to connect with fewer people who have the same interests or hobbies.

Networks such as Kerboodle (geared toward people who like to shop), Foodie (a community for sharing recipes) or Ravelry (a free community site for knitters, crocheters and designers) will serve as a source of inspiration, for new, interest-based platforms.

Furthermore, as most social networks make their money through paid advertising, niche networks will be perceived as the advertiser’s dream due to its readymade target audience.

3. The rise of wearable tech

According to our research, over the last year conversation around wearables has jumped a staggering 190%, an increase similar to that of wearable tech production.

In 2015, we’ll be moving past the application of wearable tech for very simple tasks, and as experts claim, a key focus for this year will be health. Microsoft, Google and Apple have released their own health platforms, as doctors seem to become increasingly interested in how wearable tech can be used to provide information about health.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 11.56.24 AM

Additionally, Apple’s first wearable, Apple Watch, expected to be a huge success, is likely to benefit the industry by building confidence in this new wave of computing.


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